Baker’s Gender Reveal Family Session at Alpine Groves

We always love to capture special moments and milestones for our clients. Gender Reveals are no exception. A pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in someone’s life, with so many special milestones being built along the way. What better way to capture it and share with family and friends than with a fun gender reveal photo session! There are so many creative ways to tell the world whether it’s a BOY or a GIRL.

The Baker family is expecting their second child and asked us to capture this sweet moment to share with their friends and family. Even though we all knew the gender going into the photoshoot, the reveal was still very sweet (no pun included) and memorable. In the planning process with Maitland, we decided to go with a Christmas-themed reveal. Since she found out the gender in December, we thought it would be unique to highlight the holiday. Sometimes planning a reveal party, especially around the holidays, can be daunting. With pregnancy, you don’t need anymore stress. Planning a session instead is a great way to remember this special moment and you’ll have photos and a film to look back on.

We picked Alpine Groves Park in Switzerland, FL for the location. The historic white house on the property was the perfect backdrop for their reveal. We started the Baker’s shoot with some cute family photos and then worked our way into the reveal of the gender. Their one year old son Liam was adorable and loved exploring the park during the session, even though he was teething.

Parents with young kids usually feel like they can’t book a family session because they don’t know how their kids will behave or if they will be still enough for great photos. We give our family clients all the tips and tricks and the confidence they need prior to their session to ensure beautiful photos and film of their kids.

Scroll down to see how we revealed if the Bakers are having a BOY or a GIRL!

Congratulations to Caio + Maitland on the upcoming arrival of their baby BOY!

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December 19, 2021

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