Summer Frost Music Video – Vessel

‘Vessel’ is a wonderful and powerful song written and performed by singer/song writer Summer Frost. When she reached out and told us she wanted to do a music video for it, we couldn’t have been happier and more excited for the project! The song spoke to us and we couldn’t wait to bring the message to her video.

This is our second time working with Florida artist Summer Frost. It’s always an honor and privilege to create something with her because her songs speak to so many people and they truly have powerful messages. After we picked the session date, we went right into the preparations. We both agreed on a winter vibe with the unique Boneyard Beach in North Florida as the backdrop for the video. It gave off a very “different” look that you don’t see very often in music videos. The lyrics come through powerfully in each scene. The day of the shoot it was cold, overcast and misty close to sunset. This was definitely the vibe we were going for! The spooky/dark elements mixed with the vibrant/bright and positive energy brought by Summer and the song itself with made the song come alive! The portray of shining a light in the darkness, in many ways.

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We think so many people from all walks of life can resonate with her music, especially Vessel . For us, being able to film the video and take professional photographs and just be a part of something bigger, is a joy, and we do not take that for granted. We are looking forward to hopefully working with Summer again in the future with her music, spreading the gospel through the creative art of film, photography and music!

We also filmed a ‘Behind the Scenes’ video. We thought this was an important extra step, which allows people to further understand the meaning behind the song. Summer Frost has the chance to explain, elaborate and share her heart with the audience. You also get a behind the scenes look at how the video was filmed by Never Fade Photo+Film. This is something we offer to our clients that gives the artist an avenue to share their thoughts and insight even further. We even take it a step further and include professional photography for music video shoots, upon request. These photos can be used for promotional material, the YouTube thumbnail and social media. This is just another example of how Never Fade Photo+Film loves going the extra mile. We strive for excellence and refuse to deliver a video that is anything less than that.

Watch the Behind the Scenes video and stroll below to see us in action!

Interested in having a music video created? Contact us with a link to your song, share your vision for the video and let’s make it happen. We can not wait to hear from you!

January 30, 2022

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